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Installers Say the CaP BNC Connectors from Telecom & Security USA are revolutionizing analog cable installation:

“ No need to sell me on them, I love them. “

“ I would really like to pursue purchasing your product.”

“ Hundreds of installers in Ukraine thank you for your CaP system “
Used throughout Europe for 10+ years – Now available in the US!

KBM is the standard connector for above-standard analog performance. Closed circuit TV and equipment using 50 MHz are a perfect match.

BNC Connector HD2

KBM-HD connectors for HD 1080p analog cameras using AHD, CVI-HD, and TVI-HD protocols. Get extra performance with this black nickel-plated connector.

BNC Connector HQ 3

KBM HQ gold-plated connector gives the ultimate professional quality required for broadcast HD-SDI cameras to 6 GHz.

3 BNC Connector Types

Quality in Materials and Design. The KBM family of connectors is designed with embedded dielectric for true 75 Ohm performance

Resolution by Connector

Select the specific KBM design for perfect compatibility. Match the quality of your camera, cable, and connector to the application and resolution. Ensure foolproof performance by eliminating the weak links that cut-rate connectors cause.

The patented CaP pressure connectors are an interchangeable system. Just slit, twist, peel, and slide on the CaP connector. Use the same CaP connector for cable diameters from 2mm (.070″- RG178) through RG59 up to 7.5mm (.295″ – RG6 quad).

Need to change a CaP connector? A simple tool squeeze and one pops off and another on – and the KBMs are reusable.

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